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Are you paying the health insurance loyalty tax?
Miranda. H
Miranda. H

Staff Writer

Many Australians believe the longer you stay loyal to a company, the better you’ll be looked after. Unfortunately, health insurance isn’t like family or friendships. The longer you stay with your health fund without comparing policies, the less likely you are to be on the most affordable policy. We call this the ‘Health Insurance Loyalty Tax’, which can cost everyday Aussies hundreds of dollars in extra premiums every year. If you feel like you’ve been paying too much for health insurance, there is a good chance you are!

Despite rising costs and health funds putting their prices up each year, far too many people stay with the same health fund. Even more concerningly, many are now on inappropriate cover. Health funds won’t ask you if you still want coverage for things like pregnancy, IVF or weight loss surgery – even if you no longer need them. Keeping these inclusions means you could be overpaying hundreds of dollars each year for services you’ll never use.

That’s why Health Deal was founded. We listen to your unique needs and help you tailor a policy centered around your needs – not Health Funds’ back pockets! If you aren’t switching or comparing your policy regularly, you could be on insufficient cover or paying far too much as new offers and policies are released each year. Health Deal customers save on average $316.00 per year on their annual premiums* by simply comparing and switching with us. If you’ve been with your health fund for a while without comparing, it pays to see if you’re paying the loyalty tax too!

Are You Paying the Loyalty Tax and Overpaying for Health Insurance? See if You Could Save Hundreds Now!

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Not only do our customers get the best cover for their needs, they’re also saving an average of $316.00 per year on their annual premiums*. Better still, there’s no need to be daunted by the switching process, because the team at Health Deal handle the whole process from start to finish for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the savings. If you’ve paid upfront for the year, we’ll organize a refund of the prepaid premiums, we also help cancel your current cover and organise the setup of your new membership card.

Australians are flocking to this free service with the rising cost of Health Insurance and the increasing complexity of comparing countless options. In fact, thousands of people have already chosen Health Deal – with a 4.8/5 star rating on Trust Pilot, there are plenty of happy customers enjoying great savings with their new health insurance plan!

There is no need for Australians to accept ever-increasing health insurance costs. If you are unhappy with your current insurer or interested in finding a better deal. You should see if you can save big on your policy. All it takes is a few quick questions and you’ll be offered a health insurance policy that will better suit your needs and budget. Don’t wait, health insurance savings are just a click away!


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We save Australians on average $316.00 per year. Based off sales from 1 Jan 2021 – 4th May 2021


This article is opinion only and is intended as such. It should not be considered medical or financial advice.

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